Wine, Beer, Cocktails & Beverages

Enjoy a refreshing breakfast cocktail while you relax across from the Deschutes river.  Have a Bloody Mary with your breakfast or a local brew with your lunch.  You deserve it! 


  • Bellinis (sparkling wine & fresh peach juice)   11
  • Seasonal Mimosa (sparkling wine & fresh orange juice)    11
  • Mango Mimosa (sparkling wine & fresh mango)   10
  • Pomegranate Mimosa (sparkling wine & pomegranate juice)   10
  • Prossecco-Mionetto (Italy)   9/32
    A delicious sparkling wine, hints of apple and honey blossom.

Coffee Cocktails

  • Double Black Diamond (local organic Thump coffee*, Crater Lake hazelnut, espresso vodka and whipped cream  11
  • Nana's Irish Coffee (local organic Thump coffee*, Irish whiskey, Irish cream Liqueur & Grand Ma’s sauce)  11
  • Broken Top Latte (local organic Thump espresso*, milk, Kahlua, Irish cream liqueur, Grand Ma’s sauce)  11.5
  • Rajneesh (local “My Chai”, Crater Lake Hazelnut-Espresso Vodka, half & half & whipped cream)  11.5

Classic and Craft Cocktails

  • Smokin' Olive Bloody Mary™ 11.5  (with Pepper Crater Lake Vodka add 2) 
    Our house Bloody Mary; a hint of chipotle peppers served in a cardamon salted glass with piquillo pepper stuffed olives. Yum!
  • Screwdriver (fresh o.j. & vodka)   9.5   
  • Greyhound (fresh grapefruit & vodka)  9.5  
  • Chili Paloma (habanero infused tequila, grapefruit juice, simple syrup over ice with chili lime salt rim) 12.5
  • Marionberry Margarita (tequila, marionberry, lime, triple sec, splash of mango over ice, salted rim)  13
  • Senator's Gimlet (choose Aviation Gin or Crater Lake Vodka with fresh cucumber and lime on the rocks)  13
  • My Italian Lover (Campari, raspberry liqueur, fresh lemon, OJ, sparkling wine on the rocks  13
  • Painted Hills Pimm's Cup (Pimms #1, lemon/thyme syrup, sparkling wine, lemon juice over ice  13


  • Rose-Primarius OR   9/ 32
    Refreshing, dry, medium bodied, watermelon and apple notes
  • Pinot Gris, J Vineyard CA    9.5/34
    Bright fruit with hints of orange blossom and a kiss of minerality
  • Chardonnay-Westmount, OR    9.5/35
  • Rich apple and floral notes
  • Pinot Noir, Siduri Wines OR   11/20 (1/2 btl)
    Well balanced, fruit forward, hits on the nose and palate, rich finish
  • Cabernet, Browne Family Vineyards, WA  9.5/18 (1/2 btl)
    Full bodied with touches of black cherry, cassis, cedar


  • Mirror Pond Pale, Bend OR,  6.5
  • Van Henion IPA, Bend OR  6.5
  • Van Henion Lager, Bend OR   6.5
  • Worthy IPA, Worthy Brewing, Bend OR 6.5
  • Coors Light, Golden CO  5.5

Coffee, Tea & Beverages

  • Thump Organic Coffee  5
    McKay Private Blend roasted right here in Bend
  • Thump Organic Espresso  5.5  Latte  6.5  Cappuccino  6.5
  • Hot or Iced Chai--"My Chai"¯ made in Bend with real chai  6
  • Metolius Artisan hot teas handcrafted in Bend   5.5
  • Arnold Palmer  6
    1/2 lemonade and 1/2 iced tea.
  • Brewed Iced Tea   5.5
  • Real Lemonade   5
  • Fresh Mango Lemonade   5
  • Fresh Orange Juice   5/6
  • Ghirardelli Hot Chocolate   6.5
  • Milk   3/4
  • Fountain Sodas   5